1/2 Beef


We are currently taking orders for the following 2021 beef processing dates:

Sold Out Processing Dates: March 29th, April 19th, May 17th, June 7th, June 21st, July 28th, August 18th, September 7th, September 28th, October 12th, October 26th, November 10th, November 30th, December 14th and December 28th.

  • We are currently sold out. Thank you for your fall/winter orders. 

It takes approximately three weeks from the processing date for your order to be ready for pick up at our ranch.

Full Side, 1/2 Beef, is the best value and good for  a larger family or a few good carnivores. Each 1/2 Beef is a full side and is 200 lbs. in the freezer, approximately 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 steak and 1/3 roast. This option contains a generous portion of all of the available cuts, individually wrapped and ready to enjoy. Customers can customize processing at no additional charge.

$1,750 total sales price = $8.75/per pound freezer weight = $5.83/per pound hanging weight.

All of our prices are inclusive of processing and butcher fees, price shown is final price.


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