On January 12, USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service rescinded the standards for the grassfed marketing claim, which makes it easier for the commercial meat producer to use the grassfed wording and it makes it harder for the consumer to buy good quality grassfed beef as no clear standards are set through the USDA.  That is why, it is important more than ever to understand, what it means to be raising and buying grassfed meat and what the health and taste benefits are. American Grassfed Association sets out clear set of rules and standards to grassfed producers who wish to use their label. 3T Ranch is currently in the process of obtaining this certification.

American Grassfed Association Standards:

Diet — Animals are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest.
Confinement — Animals are raised on pasture without confinement to feedlots.
Antibiotics and hormones — Animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.
Origin — All animals are born and raised on American family farms.

What can you do to assure you are buying real grassfed meat?
  • Buy from a rancher you know like our 3T Ranch, and ask plenty of questions. We are always happy to educate our customers, share our raising and feeding methods and most importantly show you around to see our happy kettle roaming around our pastures.
  • Be cautious when buying grassfed meat from the grocery store. Many of the grassfed meat is imported from outside of the U.S. and could potentially be fed grain diet the last few months to “finish” the animal, yet claim grassfed  on the label.

Benefits of Grassfed Meat and Buying from 3T Ranch:

  • Our cows are 100 % grass fed and finished. We pasture graze our animals and they are never confined to a feedlot. Our operation is centered around the health of the animal, naturally, not through hormones or antibiotics. Low in fat and calories, our grass fed beef is a great option for beef lovers that are looking for heart-healthy meat.
  • Grass fed beef is lean, contains a high percentage of good fats like Omega 3s and CLA as well as antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Corn/grain finished beef lacks the good nutritional benefits. Feedlot cows are given a plethora of antibiotics and hormones to treat diseases from feedlots and artificially promote growth.
  • Did you know that grassfed beef can have the same amount of fat as skinless chicken breast? Cattle evolved to eat grass and not much else. Feeding them a diet rich in grains creates an acidic environment in their digestive systems, leading to disease and the need for treatment with antibiotics. Pasture-based ranching restores natural ecosystems and wildlife habitat, reduces reliance on petrochemicals, improves the soil with organic matter, and reduces greenhouse gasses.Learn more about grassfed beef at Eat Wild  and at American Grassfed Association .

Source: American Grassfed Association