Camel Cowboy


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The Camel Cowboy is ideal belt knife for every day carry, working and riding. Hand forged from 1095 carbon steel, the blade is a comfortable 3.5” and features file work at the top spine and then acid etched and polished.  The handle features a full tang with a brass finger guard, camel bone grips and a brass butt cap.  The camel bone grips are secured with two brass corbel bolts and the finger guard and butt cap are pinned through the tang so every element has a secure mechanical connection.   The pancake style sheath is built to sit at a comfortable angle on the hip, allowing for quick access but staying out of the way. Hand stamping and cow hair on hide recessed accent adds a little flair to the sheath.  Cattle brands and initials look great on the sheath or on the brass of the knife.