1/4 Beef

We are currently taking orders for the following 2021 beef processing dates: March 29th (SOLD OUT), April 19th (SOLD OUT), May 17th (SOLD OUT), June 7th and June 21st. Please let us know, if you would like us to include you on the 2020 fall/winter beef order waitlist. We will keep you posted of any openings and gladly move up your order date, if possible.

It takes approximately three weeks from the processing date for your order to be ready for pick up at our ranch.

Full 1/4 share, a great value and includes exactly 1/4 of all the cuts on the animal as the processor evenly divides all parts into quarters. Each quarter is approximately 100 lbs. in the freezer, everything is individually wrapped and packaged. Approximately 1/3 ground beef, 1/3 steak and 1/3 roast. A full quarter will fill about three small file boxes (15 x 12 x 10) and can fit into a standard kitchen freezer as long as there is not much else in it.

$895.00 total sales price = $8.95/per pound freezer weight = $5.97/per pound hanging weight.

All of our prices are inclusive of processing and butcher fees, price shown is final price.


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